The gods are changing


Innovate concept of a real stable cryptocurrency

XRONOS is a totally new type of cryptocurrency secured by the system of exchange rate stabilization (XRSS) and supported by markets of its application.


The goal of XRONOS is to create the first truly stable cryptocurrency.


XRONOS mission is to establish truly decentralized, stable and largely applied cryptomonetary means of payment that will boost the process of transformation of fiat money into cryptocurrencies and help transfer from the outdated banking system to the new stage of development of the world economy.

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    Evolutionary concept and unique stack of reliable technologies. 100% new code

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    Simultaneous use of eight symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms

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    Unique combination of PoW and PoS technologies, as well as CryptoNight and Zero-knowledge proof algorithms

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    Elasticity, extensibility, and scalability of network

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    High speed transactions. More than 10.000 TPS

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    Self-optimizing blockchain

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    XRSS - system of exchange rate stabilization based on collective decision via technologies of the ring signature and ZKP

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    Simple to use and integrate

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    The technology that enables reformation of labour markets and the world legal machine

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    GLOBULA – Innovative tool to stimulate demand

Our products

Market Evolution


XRSS (XRONOS RATE STABILIZATION SYSTEM) developed by the XRONOS team. It is an autonomous system of management of advanced cryptoassets tested by durable application to secure cost and liquidity of every coin of XONOS (XPO). XRSS has been developed for those who want to invest in the entire blockchain industry at once, without need to study specifics of every coin or project. If, being asked a general question ‘Blockchain – yes or no?’, you answer yes, then the tool has been created exactly for you.


XBA is an analytical XronoBot. It is an analytical system module to study the cryptocurrency market, some indices of classic economy (GAW and SDR) and controls the other modules.


GAW is an average global index that specifies the cost of a working hour on the planet. The index is built on the basis of open data officially provided by member-countries of OECD.


SDR is an index applied by the IMF for internal calculations between member-countries of the Fund. It consists of five largest global currencies proportionally to their volume in the world economy.


XBE is an emission XronoBot. By the command of XBA it sells new XPO at the price of GAW+1%, specified by the system. The obtained funds are to be sent to the cryptocurrency basket (CCB)


XBG is a guaranteeing XronoBot. It is a twin-brother of XBE to perform an opposite job – to buy extra XPO at the price specified by the system and to pay for them with the funds of cryptocurrency basket.


CCB is a cryptocurrency basket (portfolio) containing coins whose total capitalization is ~95% of cryptocurrency market. Under control of XBA it redistributes the obtained resources into growing assets and supports the growth of XPO capitalization.

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image descriptionBTC

BTC. You will need Bitcoins to start working with XRONOS

image descriptionXPO

XPO. Having invested your Bitcoins to XRSS, you will acquire XPO and be ready to start working with XRONOS


System helps realizing stabilization
steps and makes XPO stable


Development of cost for any currency can be either speculative or utilitarian (on the basis of its real useful application). We have developed three product phases that enable smooth transition from speculative growth to utilitarian one for our currency. The ultimate goal of XPO exchange rate growth is to reach the mark of GAW – the index of cost of average man-hour, where it will be finally fixed.

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Under Pressure 2017
XRONOS product launch stage
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Spread decrease 2018
XPO integration and application stage
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Shallow 2019
The stage of stabilization due to supersecurity of XPO
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Products Development Roadmap

Market Evolution


  • HUNT

    Study the creatures and hunt them

  • MINE

    Search for temporal resources


    Produce tools and equipment

  • EARN

    Sell it all for cryptocurrency

Our Team

Our Partners


How can the system refund my 80% in case I would like to quit?

You can get your refund on any cryptocurrency exchange supporting the pair of XPO/BTC or XPO/USD, as the guaranteeing xronobot XBG sets the constant price for purchase orders.

On what exchanges can I buy or sell XPO?

Now you can buy or sell XPO on or exhanges that support the trade pairs of XPO/USD, XPO/BTC, XPO/BTS.

How can I create a wallet / buy XPO?

You can buy XPO on our website via a user’s personal account or on an exchange where these are to be sold by other users. The wallet can be created via mobile version of the wallet for Android or on

Why do you think the price for XPO will grow?
  1. This is due to the support and backup of XPO with the cryptocurrency basket (CCB).
  2. Due to the four stages of stabilization.
  3. Because XRONOS is a new and promising technology itself.
  4. Because we do support XRONOS with totally new application markets to be established by us as well.
Where is XRSS located? Isn’t it the system’s centralization?

At the current (testing) stage it is located on our own servers, but in order to perform any operation these shall harmonize a made decision between them – i.e. come to a consensus through the ring signature – at the same time not exposing the data processed. In case at least 20% joints out of 80 have not come to a consensus then XRSS is to be considered invalid. We don’t want to bring XRSS to the full political decentralization until it is fully tested. The moment we give our first master-nodes to the third-hand contributors, hence realizing PoS, is the moment the system becomes much more decentralized. But it will not be absolutely decentralized, as we’ll have to come through a few stages, before XRSS reaches the state of full decentralization. Now we suggest you to test its abilities and options.

Why do you think that XRSS will succeed?

Because this system has been applied practically and has been dealing with real money for a long time. Before demonstrating it to the audience, we have conducted countless tests.

Why is Cold Storage needed?

It serves to provide complete backup of funds in case of development of the most disastrous scenario.

Is it safe? Can someone steal the money?

As for XRONOS, it is as safe as using Bitcoins or Ethereum. As for CCB backing, we have provided all security measures which define today’s cryptographic standards. Not a single member of our team has the full access to the funds or ability to manage funds single-handedly. The only thin point of this topic is centralized exchanges. This is why we thoroughly do everything we can to integrate XRONOS solely into decentralized exchanges. Unfortunately, they are not developed properly enough for today.

What currencies are accepted for payment?

Today only BTC are accepted as they take major percent share in the backup basket CCB.

What does ‘minimum guaranteed sale price’ for $3.50 or $10.77 mean?

It means that XPO will be sold (emitted) by XRSS system at the price not lower than this level.

What happens in case of market fall?

If such thing happens at the stages of XRONOS rate development, then XRONOS’ backing will fall along with it. Which doesn’t strictly mean that the price of the highest XRONOS shall drop as well.

In case it happens after completion of the stage of XRONOS stabilization and fixation at GAW level (Shallow stage), then even if there is a double fall of the market, XRONOS will be reliably secured, and this cannot shift its exchange rate even for one point.